Need some direction towards passing the MBLEx?

Intimidated and overwhelmed by the material?
Allow me to introduce you to someone who had two weeks of massage school, two weeks of studying and PASSED!

After a total of four weeks in school:
MBLEx score: 778

What can I do for you on this site?

I can help you do better than he did.
I can share his study strategies.
I can share why he never used practice tests but MAY recommend them for others.
I can share what he says is the biggest mistake many people are making when it comes to using practice tests.
I can share what he thinks about trying to figure out what specific questions are on the MBLEx.

How do I know his strategies work?

I am that guy

Step One: Review your anatomy and physiology

I started as a two page website to help a handful of online friends study for the MBLEx. The site has slowly evolved…

Whether you’re studying for the MBLEx or for the two semester Anatomy and Physiology or Biology college courses, you’ll find very helpful. The content is also ideal for reviewing for CLEP and Excelsior College exams.

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